When you don’t have to be consistent

The most important action you can take at the beginning of your UX journey is to strive for lots of output and being consistent. There are times when you can take a break, though.

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When I started writing here on Medium in February, I went into it heads on without too much self-judgement.

I usually don’t worry about publishing. It’s not really a big deal to write something and hit the publish button. It’s exciting, it’s extremely valuable and it teaches you a lot about the process.

Definitely something you should try if you’re thinking about it.

I published a story about my UX studies for a month almost every day

Some of my stories caught attention of a quite large audience. Especially the ones about the crossroads of UX design and programming:

I went for consistency and increasing output as I think that’s the key value to go for at the beginning of every journey.

I pushed myself to first learn how exactly am I consistent and I applied what I’ve learned to my UX studies. I also wrote about my discoveries:

I wrote about the idea that being consistent over a period of time is much better than being perfect. It lets you actually ship instead of getting boggled in details.

Then came one day that changed a lot

And I stopped writing on Medium for almost a month.

I felt really unhappy that I’m taking a break from UX.

But this reminded me of an important lesson. You don’t have to be perfect. You are a human being and you need to prioritise things. And sometimes the priority is not where you would like it to be.

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When is consistency not required

  • a breakup,
  • health problems or
  • family problems

Just take a break, for your own sake. Take a week or a month off. Take care of yourself, be as happy as possible and come back to the task. Don’t be hard on yourself about it.

That’s what I did and it was gooooood. My energy came back and I can now continue pursuing my UX goals.

In all other circumstances, consistency is required.

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Future dad, 9to5: tech support agent. I write about the User Experience of learning programming.

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