5 steps to take to become a part of the Swift Open Source movement and improve you coding skills immensely.

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1. Look for interesting Swift packages at the Swift Package Index

Why beginner software developers keep getting stuck and are becoming more and more anxious.

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Ideas for the new generation of software developers.

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There is a better way to teach that ensures newcomers understand the concept of code quality right from the start.

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The baseline is low. Way too low. We need to change the way we share our knowledge with the new generations of WordPress developers.

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A deep dive into the most basic building blocks of the language.

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A summary of what I’ve learned during the first year.

It may be tempting to simply use Int and String everywhere, but this can quickly turn against you.

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1. Primitive types aren’t documenting your code

A tutorial on how to make your package discoverable by adding it to the unofficial Swift Package Index search engine.

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Check it out for yourself at https://swiftpackageindex.com!

It’s easy to get into designing the UX of a new groundbreaking app and miss a great opportunity right from the start.

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Paul Pela

Future dad, 9to5: tech support agent. I write about the User Experience of learning programming.

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