5 steps to take to become a part of the Swift Open Source movement and improve you coding skills immensely.

We are living in a very fortunate times. We have access to more Swift code than we could ever imagine. Code that we can use in our own projects and not have to reinvent solutions for problems that others already solved. Here’s how to do that.

1. Look for interesting Swift packages at the Swift Package Index

Swift Package Index is…

Why beginner software developers keep getting stuck and are becoming more and more anxious.

I’ve recently stumbled upon this story posted by another member here on Medium:

In her story Asha Rani tells how she went from studying software development, moved to a job after graduating and eventually resigned. Here are the main pieces I’d like you to think about in more detail:


Ideas for the new generation of software developers.

We need to rethink how we are teaching and learning programming.

Recent years have seen an explosion of new programming languages and platforms. Along with those, every few years a new generation of programmers is joining the community. Those new programmers read success stories, see a multitude of available tutorials…

A tutorial on how to make your package discoverable by adding it to the unofficial Swift Package Index search engine.

Until recently, it was a matter of searching on GitHub for interesting packages you could use in your Swift project. You can do a few Google searches and it’s possible you will find what you were looking for. …

It’s easy to get into designing the UX of a new groundbreaking app and miss a great opportunity right from the start.

I like to read case studies, both from beginners and from more experienced designers. Especially mobile app case studies — ever since I saw the first iPhone I’ve been captivated by the fact how much potential for making our lives better can be hiding in such a tiny device.


Paul Pela

Future dad, 9to5: tech support agent. I write about the User Experience of learning programming.

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